A Little About ME

Posted At: August 3, 2019 | by Emma Smith | in Blog

A little about me, the owner of Mary & Me ! Styling women is my love and passion, knowing what women want and how it will make them feel is what I love doing and have been doing for 10 years now. My love of classic cuts, luxe fabric and good quality and great customers is what drives me to give the best service possible, sometimes a little hard over the internet (lol). My style leans towards the classic, neutral colours with either funky earrings or shoes thrown in to jazz it up so 50 shades of black is a funky 50 shades.

Mary & Me is only my side hustle as I am lucky enough to work on the website of a fabulous little boutique found in the heart of the central west, Forbes. It has the most amazing style that will have you looking in there for hours and the most jewelry I have ever seen in one shop. The selection of clothes is amazing. The first things the girls and clients noticed was my quirkness with my outfits, I can often tell when I am serving a customer or walk around to get the coffee the little sideway looks I get that they are thinking hmmm interesting…..and it doesn’t bother me as I feel comfortable and love being able to add a piece of difference to a dress that all sizes and ages could wear if worn right.

As well as owning a side hustle and working I am a mom and a wife. My beautiful boys are Jack 16, and Harry aka the devil 5 are my world hence why we are now having a gap season in QLD. Brett my husband and soulmate of over 20 years is my best friend and has supported me immensely with my side hustle.

So keep watching this space and join the Mary & Me community as it is bound to be fun and full of unique wears that you will grow to love Xx

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