Posted At: March 17, 2020 | by Emma Smith | in Blog

Hey everybody,
WOW what a uneasy start to March 2020…. I hope you are all okay and riding this roller coast with love and support around you.
While most people are panic buying and stockpiling their pantry (and toilets holders), US small businesses online or bricks and motar are scared. And its okay to feel this, you are not alone. At Mary & Me headquarters we are riding the panic, fear and the unknown roller coaster too and somehow after the ebbs and flows we come down and think its OKAY because we have our tribe that spreads kindness and optimism. Part of that tribe is you reading this and thinking the same thoughts and maybe smiling thinking your not alone other people have the same fears and worries with all this COVID-19.
If you can do one thing today we ask that you support small businesses either with a share of their post or page on Insta or Facebook, with a small purchase for now or in the future or simply by talking about supporting small to your community of friends via social media stories. We need to come together and share our love of shopping with each and everyone to help all SMALL BUSINESSES through these tough times.

And LASTLY don’t cancel that hair, beauty or self care appointment POSTPONE it and keep that little bit of hope alive in those that are self employed as they need it now more then ever.

Sending copious amounts of gratitude from at least 1.5 meters 😉

#unchartedwaters #buyfromthebush #spendwiththem

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