MARRAKECH | Pure Orange Blossom Oil


MARRAKECH | Pure Orange Blossom Oil

100% pure orange blossom oil, extracted using a traditional method.

Orange blossom is the scent of Marrakech, worn by the men and women of the city. Smelling it instantly transports me to the heart of the city.

Each vial of pure pulse point oil is housed in a soft safari leather case, which will in no time become your daily essential – something you reach for throughout the day for an instant uplift.

This is a unique daily ritual; one that transports you to an exotic time of old world travel and style; simply through the power of scent.

* A unisex heady scented roll-on composed of fleure d’oranger (orange blossom) essential oil
* Inspired by the exotic unisex scent worn by the local people
* Clean, fresh and sweetish floral note
* Gently roll this fragrance onto your pulse points for a luxurious indulgence throughout the day
* Hand sourced from a herbalist on my recent travels to Morocco
* 10ml of 100% of pure rose essential oil – the perfect size for keeping in your bag
* Housed in a leather safari case with saddle-stitch deta


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