SABBI is a clothing label big on energy, with a street style element, tied together with a bright and positive energy!

Two fabulous humas from the GC, Ash & Jase love fashion, fun & cold margaritas! They created the label Sabbi to offer beautiful, affordable and fun-loving pieces to all of US….

The prints are hand painted by Jase, they use natural fabrics and print using the most sustainable methods of fabric printing.

So join Mary&Me with your positive energy, cold margarita and credit card to raise your glass to supporting small and fabulous fashion!

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MAMAMIA PODCAST most talked about fragrance !!!

VOTED ONE of Leigh Campbell a notorious perfume collector (from the famous podcast YOU BEAUTY) favourite fragrance IS THE FIG & OLIVE PERFUME produce from Perfume & Skincare Company and MARY & ME is a proud stockist of this amazing perfume…………..
Fig & Olive Perfume is the most divine and talked about perfumes from the hills to the bush. People never forgets its fragrance woody yet citrus and it soon becomes your absolute favourite!
The fragrance captivates people all around you giving you confidence that is contagious. The fragrance aroma is the faint memories of a Tuscan olive grove surrounded by ancient Fig trees on a mid-summer’s day, deep and woody with a light salty, citrus top note, you will be noticed wherever you go.
Fig & Olive is available in a 10ml roll on concentrate, hand cream, reed diffuser and candle.
Made by The Perfume and Skincare Co located in Mittagong, NSW, where this divine product is handmade & hand poured.

*featured image from mamamia Instagram page

STYLE BY YOU….looks you don’t want to miss out on!

Style Notes from Me!

Items high on rotation this season are.

1) DRESSES they bring a cool element of print or colour to any outfit and are perfect for those that don’t wear prints or colour to often. A dress can be worn with one of our favourites the ZARA sneaker.

2) THE BLOUSE is such a perfect piece worn with pants, jeans AND skirts. It also teams well with jackets as they have such an understated WOW factor!

3) SALTY SAFARI bracelets are the layering queen of all bracelets! Wear one or three or more at anytime with any outfit and these beauties will become your next obsession.


OLYMPIC FEVER is here and we all get to get excited!!! So many Aussie proudly representing our country and there is a good handful from the BUSH….

The ceremony is done, the MATILDAS won there first game and held the aboriginal flag with respect and gratitude, UNITY is the word for this journey. The women’s football had a huge result against USA wining 3 | nil, women’s softball beat Italy 1 | nil and the OLYROOS defeat Argentina 2 to 0! First few days were magnificent just like all the ATHLETES…

To all the Aussie athletes, especially the ones who hail from the middle of nowhere BEST OF LUCK and we are here cheering you on!!! All the hard work, blood, sweat and tears has got you to where you are today and you should be PROUD of yourselves. May it be everything you have dreamed of.

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The Cat is out of the bag as the kids say with these Hammill + Co canvas sneakers!

As bright and bubbly as my customer service voice and as relaxed as my soul after a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon!

These temporary mobile homes for your feet will get you from A to B looking as cool as the cucumber ribbon floating in your G&T’s this summer!

Let’s talk about the built in safety features!

Laces to keep you strapped in because we all know seatbelts save lives! A nice enclosed front to protect that baby toe from becoming one with the living room skirting board and a hearty yet flexible sole that allows for any movement ranging from quick lunge to the microwave to beat the beep all the way to 3km hike on the sand to find a private spot on the beach.

With a range of colours on offer I think it is safe to say that the “Molly Ringwald from Pretty In Pink” and the “Colour not feeling blue” are well and truly my faves on offer!

Whether you want to run errands in style, stand out in the morning coffee line or just have covers for your feet that brighten each step you take these are the shoes for you!

Oh and if that’s not enough I can assure you that the signature Hammill + Co tag is the icing on the sunshine cake that will make you feel like the pot of gold at the end of that rainbow!

So whether you waddle, wheel, or walk these are sure to put a smile on your dial and a shoe on your foot!


Hey everybody,
WOW what a uneasy start to March 2020…. I hope you are all okay and riding this roller coast with love and support around you.
While most people are panic buying and stockpiling their pantry (and toilets holders), US small businesses online or bricks and motar are scared. And its okay to feel this, you are not alone. At Mary & Me headquarters we are riding the panic, fear and the unknown roller coaster too and somehow after the ebbs and flows we come down and think its OKAY because we have our tribe that spreads kindness and optimism. Part of that tribe is you reading this and thinking the same thoughts and maybe smiling thinking your not alone other people have the same fears and worries with all this COVID-19.
If you can do one thing today we ask that you support small businesses either with a share of their post or page on Insta or Facebook, with a small purchase for now or in the future or simply by talking about supporting small to your community of friends via social media stories. We need to come together and share our love of shopping with each and everyone to help all SMALL BUSINESSES through these tough times.

And LASTLY don’t cancel that hair, beauty or self care appointment POSTPONE it and keep that little bit of hope alive in those that are self employed as they need it now more then ever.

Sending copious amounts of gratitude from at least 1.5 meters 😉

#unchartedwaters #buyfromthebush #spendwiththem


#buyfromthebush what a movement

one girl chatting to another about hardship and struggles in the bush and then an idea forms to create the social media page BUY FROM THE BUSH and whoola the little side hustle, boutiques and creators are busier then they have been all year. You see BUY FROM THE BUSH showcases beautiful and amazing things from rural communities that are facing drought and hard times…..

To support this movement and share the love……

  1. follow the insta/facebook page
  2. see something you love
  3. contact the business via DM, phone or their website
  4. make the purchase via direct debit or at the checkout online
  5. then happy dance all the way to the mailbox or post office to collect your little piece of the bush shopping

Make a difference this Christmas and purchase from one of these amazing businesses in the bush around Australia cause that’s what matters… change someone’s day in an uplifting, positive way.

#buyfromthebush jump on and follow this amazing page Xx

A Little About ME

A little about me, the owner of Mary & Me ! Styling women is my love and passion, knowing what women want and how it will make them feel is what I love doing and have been doing for 10 years now. My love of classic cuts, luxe fabric and good quality and great customers is what drives me to give the best service possible, sometimes a little hard over the internet (lol). My style leans towards the classic, neutral colours with either funky earrings or shoes thrown in to jazz it up so 50 shades of black is a funky 50 shades.

Mary & Me is only my side hustle as I am lucky enough to work on the website of a fabulous little boutique found in the heart of the central west, Forbes. It has the most amazing style that will have you looking in there for hours and the most jewelry I have ever seen in one shop. The selection of clothes is amazing. The first things the girls and clients noticed was my quirkness with my outfits, I can often tell when I am serving a customer or walk around to get the coffee the little sideway looks I get that they are thinking hmmm interesting…..and it doesn’t bother me as I feel comfortable and love being able to add a piece of difference to a dress that all sizes and ages could wear if worn right.

As well as owning a side hustle and working I am a mom and a wife. My beautiful boys are Jack 16, and Harry aka the devil 5 are my world hence why we are now having a gap season in QLD. Brett my husband and soulmate of over 20 years is my best friend and has supported me immensely with my side hustle.

So keep watching this space and join the Mary & Me community as it is bound to be fun and full of unique wears that you will grow to love Xx


Sweaters are the best new thing and at Mary and Me we love them ! Stripes, stars, bright colours, a touch of leopard and then add some numbers to the mix wahla you have the sweater of a lifetime. With this seasons sweaters, they are transeasonal and can be dressed up or dressed down with skirts, dresses and jeans. My favourite outfit is a skirt, plain or print teamed with a sweater and sneakers. It make the best outfit for lunch with girls or agency appointments trekking around Sydney or Melbourne.

We have a had a new drop of sweaters and I know its a big call, but we may very well live in these new sweats forever. Seriously they are so fun and colorful you will want one of each !

Enjoy the winter fun in your new sweats and HAPPY SHOPPING Xx


Le Stripe is a unique fashion label that is mainly made in Melbourne and supports the local industry of talented pattern makers, knitters and screen printers. What Mary & Me love about Le Stripe apart from its prints, patterns and mix match pieces is that it is ethically produced and not mass produced. Mel the founder of Le Stripe is absolutely beautiful, her knowledge and love of fashion shines through as you discussed each style you would love to bring into your store to dress your clients in. I first purchased Le Stripe a few years ago from a small boutique and knew that when I had my own boutique I would stock this divine label ! And yes I have done it. I hope you enjoy Le Stripe as much as I enjoying sourcing this label that creates absolute true style. Xx

love Friday

The everyday, the everywhere pouch is here, love Fridays are the greatest pouch, clutch, lunch, travel, snack and/or drinks bag you will find. They are made from 100% cotton, YKK zip and are thermo lined. You will find many uses for them even carrying the gangs googles and swimming caps before and after race days. Not all will they look divine they will be useful in many ways !

Designed by two fabulous girls in Adelaide these fabulous love Friday bags are the best. The bag is so versatile, light and super cute that it can double as a clutch.  With a variety of tassels and straps carefully selected so they can beswitched amongst the fabulous colourways of the love Fridays bag. Buy one bag and three tassels or three bags and one strap !

third boi


online now | mary and me meets third boi

third boi is a fabulous creation from a Melbourne lass, Bianca Latorre. Bianca’s wealth of knowledge and her passion for design comes from years as a head designer with the iconic and much loved brand “Country Road”.

As a qualified textile designer, Bianca’s focus is on colour and pattern as well as quality. launching ‘third boi’ in 2018 this range has playful undertones but yet is still a classic and tasteful style with an unwavering focus on fit and branding.

Mary and Me is loving the High Summer 18 range and cannot wait to see what is in store for Autumn/Winter 19.


The Skinney landed this week at Mary and Me headquarters and OMG it is absolutely divine !!! Its like an iconic 70’s sneaker with a luxury feel and all I can say is “get on my feet”……

D.O.F official is a Melbourne designed shoe brand and the sneakers are made by the Italians.

DOF are making the statement this season about merging sport luxury and modern culture harmoniously. And WOW they are winning on all levels. Street style is making a comeback and DOF and Mary & Me are joining in with the cult and loving it.

The modern woman is independent, aspirational and still wanting to look youthful whilst showing a strong sense of unique style. Creative women are not only using there skill to create dynamic careers they are wearing there creativeness everyday !!!

Much love




At Mary & Me headquarters this month we have been crushing in anything BLUSH !

Fashion, accessories, gifts, homewares, anything you name it we want it and we want it in BLUSH now…… this pale pink tint has been hailed as the new neutral and its got us gushing and wanting it. It’s not too bright, it’s not too soft it’s just perfect.

Scrolling through Insta and watching how this just so right colour is transforming branding, patterns and pages is amazing. Blush is the history of edgy, attractive and strong and is one of the most controversial colours created from the eighteenth century.

So for now we are going to indulged in a little more blush until our fix is done and maybe then abit more to make sure we are truly satisfied with this fabulous new pale pink tint.

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photo source @sketchlondon